Meet the Team

A unified team of compassionate practitioners who all put your health and well-being first (displayed in a random order).

  • Shailesh Patel Shailesh M. Patel, MD Pain Management
  • Gabrielle Bankston Gabrielle Bankston Massage Therapy
  • Ram Kalus, MD Ram Kalus, MD Plastic Surgery
  • Diana Herr, DC Diana Herr, DC Chiropractic Care
  • David Jaskwhich David H Jaskwhich, MD Sports Medicine
  • Stephen Khouri Stephen Khouri, DC Chiropractic Care
  • Glenn S. Cohen Glenn S. Cohen Life Coaching
  • McLean Sheperd McLean Sheperd, MD Dermatology
  • Marguerite Germain, MD Marguerite Germain, MD Dermatology
  • Sarah Stowers Sarah Stowers, LAc Acupuncture
  • John Kelley John Kelley, DPT, MTC, ATC Physical Therapy
  • Tanisha Johnson Tanisha Johnson Massage Therapy
  • Thomas Murphy Thomas Murphy, MD Allergy
  • Edward M. Tavel Edward M. Tavel, Jr. MD Pain Management